When you know your Website Analysis, you can take appropriate steps to get a higher Google Rank.

What is XeroSEO and what it does?

XeroSEO is the most compatible SEO management software that helps you to manage your search engine optimization with visitor Analytics, Website Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Rank and Index analysis, Domain Analysis, Link Analysis, IP analysis, and keyword Analysis.

Also, the application has some extra tools like email encoder/decoder, meta tag generator, ogtag generator, plagiarism checker, valid email checker, duplicate email filter, URL encode/decode, robot code generator and so forth.

XeroSEO applies its algorithms to measure these parameters, which ensure your SEO related task is as smooth as possible.

XeroSEO is a multi-user SaaS software. That is, many people can use the software at the same time. Besides, you can provide the service of the software to your end-users for a fee. Two payment methods, PayPal and Stripe, are integrated with the software so that you can take their payment easily. You have to buy the extended license of the software if you want to sell the application service to your end-users.

Performance of XeroSEO’s Web Analytics:

In this article, I will talk about XeroSEO’s performance on Web analytics only.

XeroSEO can analyze not only your website but also your competitor’s website. To know web analytics, you have to add the domain name of the website. The web analysis provided by XeroSEO includes everything you should know about such as whois information, IP Information, MozRank / Moz Information, Malware Scan Information, Google Backlink, Google PageRank, Social Network Information, Keyword & Meta Information, Search Engine Index and Alexa Information.

XeroSEO is so powerful and effective that it can provide all the Website-related information with just one click- you just have to add the domain name and click on the ‘View Report” button. Just as you click, all the information in different categories will appear on a single page. Besides, you can download the entire report by clicking on the ‘Download Report’ button on the right side of the interface.

Benefits of XeroSEO’s Web Analytics:

With XeroSEO’s Web Analytics, you can know all the information described above about your and your competitor’s website. Therefore, you can compare between your and your competitor’s website and know whether your competitor’s websites have a higher Google rank than yours. And this information will help you take proper steps to make your website’s Google rank higher and thus, overtake your competitor’s website. Well, when your Google rank is higher, you will get more visitors from Google search and hence, your business will grow.

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