Run your restaurant from home with ChatPion’s new feature ‘Food Ordering Chatbot”.


Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the people of the entire world have been staying home since February. Sometimes they are not in the mood to cook and want to eat restaurant food.

In the pandemic, your restaurant is also closed. But you can carry on your restaurant online.

You can set up an E-commerce site to operate your restaurant. Though starting an E-commerce site is rather easy, making it popular is tough and almost impossible in a short while. And without a popular e-commerce site, you will not get enough customers to carry on your restaurant.

Well, you can add your restaurant to giant food delivery organizations like foodpanda. If so, you just have to prepare the food, whereas they will handle the rest as the slogan of the foodpanda is: “You prepare the food and we handle the rest”. Put differently, you will prepare the food, and the delivery service will list your menu online, take orders from customers, pick the food from you, and deliver them. In fact, you won’t have any connection with the customers, even though they test the very food you prepare. Indeed, they are not your customers as another slogan of foodpanda is: “Our customers love good food. You prepare it. We bring it.” Namely, they test your food and become the customers of a delivery service system. Thus, you cannot create your brand value. Above all, you can’t win the hearts of the people who savor your food. These things described above will discourage you from making healthy and tasty food. As a result, your business will slow down.

What about if you talk to your customers, take orders, deliver the food, and get opinions from your customers directly while your restaurant is closed because of the COVID-19 outbreak?

Nowadays, Facebook Messenger is a popular messaging app in the entire world. To be specific, many people throughout the world use this app and spend a long time on it. Moreover, day by day, its popularity is growing. And in this pandemic, as the people can’t leave their home to meet their friends and colleagues, they are spending more time on the app.

Therefore, it is the proper time to sell your food via Facebook Messenger. In the messenger, you can talk to your customers, take orders, prepare the food, deliver on time, and get opinions from them. It looks as if they are testing your food, sitting in your restaurant while your waiters are serving them.

To sell food via Facebook Messenger, you don’t have to be an owner of a restaurant. If you love to prepare delicious and nutritious food, you can sell homemade food via Facebook Messenger and earn some extra money in the economic downturn— people usually have a strong inclination to homemade food. Then you just have to hire a delivery person to deliver the homemade food to your customers. Though you will not get enough customers at first, you can start selling your food to your acquaintances. But If your food is nourishing and excellent, your fame will spread in a short while and you will get many customers.

Though selling food or any products via messenger has many benefits, it is a time-consuming, complex, and boring task. If you have more than one customer at once, you can’t handle the selling process yourself. And If you have many customers, you have to hire many people to deal with the customers. Because it is a boring and complex task, your employees will get bored and thus, fail to maintain the selling process properly and you will lose customers.

ChatPion, a multichannel marketing app, recently comes up with a complete solution to this problem. The application has added a feature called Food Ordering Chatbot that can sell your food on behalf of you or your restaurant. First, you have to create your virtual restaurant from Xerochat’s “Messenger e-commerce store” interface, an easy-to-maintain interface. Right away, the Food Ordering Chatbot, the virtual restaurant, will instantly be uploaded on your Facebook page’s messenger. To create your virtual restaurant, just watch the video tutorial and follow the commands.

This Food Ordering Chatbot is a special bot—it has all features needed to sell your food via Facebook Messenger. In one word, it will work as your waiter cum manager. It will take orders, sell the food, take payment, and tell the customer the time when the food will be delivered.

To take the orders, it will show the customers all food items in categories, so they can easily select their favorite ones. It has an “Order Now” button under each food item and “Add to Cart”, “Remove from Cart” and “Visit Cart” options. To take orders, it receives billing and delivery address and shows four payment options such as Pay with PayPal, Pay with Card, Pay on delivery, and Pay manually to choose from. At last, the chatbot will take orders when the customers click “Save and proceed” and a specific payment option. The chatbot can take orders for many food items at the same time. After the orders have been processed, the Food Ordering Chatbot can show order history. You can try the ‘Food Ordering Chatbot’ to see how it works. Just go to the Facebook page and click on the ‘Send Message’ button. Right away, the “Food Ordering Chatbot’ will start to take orders from you.”

When the Food Ordering Chatbot has received orders, go to the ‘Messenger e-commerce store’ interface to see the orders. Then you just have to prepare the food and deliver the food via your delivery person to the delivery address.

Since the Food Ordering Chatbot takes all the responsibility to sell your food items on behalf of you or your restaurant, you can give your full time and attention in preparing tasty and healthy food that will immune people’s body against coronavirus. Because people love delicious and nutritious food, your restaurant will be popular and your business will flourish then.

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