The enormous benefits of condition-based smart and intelligent Messenger bot

ChatPion now has a Flow Builder, a ChatPion add-on—  a visual drag and drop chatbot editor. With the Flow Builder, you can easily build a messenger bot by dragging and dropping elements, adding data to the elements, and connecting them with each other, staying in the same place. The Flow Builder will provide you an overall view of all messages. Therefore, you can easily control all the messages and correlations among them. Well, day by day, the ChatPion Flow Builder is becoming more and more powerful and robust. Recently, an element called condition has been introduced. And with the element, you can build a condition-based smart messenger bot that can take decisions based on the user-provided data and act accordingly. In one word, like a human being, it can talk to people intelligently and smartly. 

Suppose, you have an online clothing shop. And what if you want to send information about man’s wear to the male users and information about women’s wear to the female users. Luckily, there is a solution to the problem. The condition-based messenger bot can accomplish the task of sending appropriate messages to male or female users. You just have to make a condition-based messenger bot. Read the article to know how to build a condition-based messenger bot on the ChatPion Flow Builder. Well, The condition element of the messenger bot will check if the user is male or female. If the user is male, the bot will address him as Mr. and send men’s wear-related information. On the other hand, if the user is female, the bot will address her as Mrs./ Miss and send women’s wear-related information to the female users. 

Let’s look at another scenario: If you want to email updated information to the users, first you have to check if you have the email addresses of the users. If you have the email address of a user, you can tell the user that you will email the updated information, and then you can email the updated information. On the other hand, if you don’t have the email address of the specific user, you have to collect the email address first. Then you can email the updated information to the user. Without knowing if you have the email address of the user or not, you can’t inform all the users that you will email updated information to them. Similarly, you can’t ask for the email address of all the users. In both cases, people will feel disturbed. A condition-based smart bot can solve the problem. It will only ask for the email address of the user whose email address the system doesn’t have. And if the system has the email address of a specific user, it will tell them the updated information will be sent to them. 

The condition element is divided into two parts— System Field and Custom field. On the System field, you can set only a few conditions. But on the Custom Field, you can set as many conditions as you want. But first, you have to create a campaign on the User Input Flow and Custom Fields, another powerful add-on of ChatPion. The campaign will create custom field variables and collect the information from the user and store the information to the custom filed variables. Please read the official documentation of the User Input Flow and Custom Fields to learn how to create a campaign on the User Input Flow and Custom Fields. 

Then you can easily build a condition-based messenger bot using the Custom Field variable. Note that user input flow and custom filed is an add-on of ChatPion. Therefore, to use the add-on, you have to add it to the ChatPion first. 

The condition-based messenger bot will send the appropriate messages to the people. In other words, it will not disturb people by sending them unnecessary and unwanted messages to the people. Moreover, it will not ask for the information the system already has.  

Therefore, people will feel comfortable when talking to a condition-based smart messenger bot. Ultimately, they will be encouraged to your business and in turn, your business will grow. 

I hope that after you have read the blog, you will be interested to build condition-based smart messenger bots on ChatPion Flow Builder and use them for your business. 


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