How to start a business with a small capital and grow the business in a short while.

If you use ChatPion’s ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’, you can start a business with small capital. You need neither a shop nor an e-commerce site to start your business. Of course, you can stock your products in your room. You just have to create your virtual store on the ‘E-commerce in messenger store’ interface by uploading the pictures of your products; providing descriptions and the prices of the products; link to the Facebook page of your business and some necessary information, and selecting the payment options. Creating a virtual store is so easy that you don’t have to be skilled in information technology. Just watch the video tutorial on how to create your store and follow the commands. Right away, your virtual store will be created. To see how your ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’ works, watch the video. You can also test how the ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’ works by clicking on the ‘Send Message’ button of this Facebook page. You will be amazed, I guarantee.

The moment you create the virtual store, the ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’ will be integrated with the Facebook page of your business and will be ready to sell your products. Now the question is how you will get customers and how you will do the marketing of your products. No need to worry. ChatPion has solutions to these problems.

Besides “E-commerce in messenger chatbot”, ChatPion has many unique and striking features that will do the marketing of your products via different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Medium and so on. Namely, ChatPion’s other features will do the marketing of your products in every way the present technology can offer and attract customers from all walks of life. On the other hand, “E-commerce in messenger chatbot” will sell your products to your customers spontaneously and effectively. ChatPion will do two vital jobs for your business- draw customers by marketing your products and sell products to them.

After the unique chatbot sells some of your products, you can buy more products with the money (adding the profit to the capital) you get from selling the products. In this way, you can buy more and more products day by day. Anyway, you already have created your virtual store, so now you just have to add products you recently have bought to your virtual store, whereas E-commerce in messenger will take all the responsibility to sell your products- you don’t have to worry about it at all. If you just can show a little patience in buying and adding products in your virtual store, your business will grow in a short while, I hope.

Of course, “E-commerce in messenger chatbot” can sell anything saleable, such as clothes, cosmetics, electronics, medicine, furniture, jewelry, fitness equipment, household goods, bakery items, food items, cooking accessories and so forth. Likewise, the other features of the ChatPion can do marketing for any products.

Therefore, just decide which business you want to start, buy a few products with your small capital, and create your virtual store on ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’ interface. ChatPion’s other features will do the marketing of your products and bring customers, whereas “E-commerce in messenger chatbot” will sell your products to them.

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