Why ‘E-commerce in messenger’ is important for your online business? 

Since many people use Facebook Messenger and spend a long time on it, you had better use ‘E-commerce in messenger’ platform to find customers, draw them, and engage them with your business. If you use ‘E-commerce in messenger’, you will get more clients and hence sell more products than those who use general ‘E-commerce site’.

 ‘E-commerce in messenger’ is much more convenient than general ‘E-commerce site’. 

Disadvantages of general E-commerce site: 

In E-commerce sites, clients can see only a set of product information under the product image— they can’t ask for more information. But what, if the clients don’t get the desired information? They would be discouraged in buying products. 

People visit ‘E-commerce site’, see different types of products, choose some of them, but most of the time, leave the site without purchasing anything and don’t come back. Of course, people buy products from E-commerce sites now and then. But if the site is not famous, customers rarely get connected to the site and hence don’t become regular. They can’t even remember the name of the ‘E-commerce site’, for many E-commerce sites swamp the online. 

Advantages of E-commerce in messenger: 

In ‘E-commerce in messenger’ or ‘conversational commerce’, people can contact the business directly via Facebook Messenger. So, clients can ask questions about the business and get answers instantly. In one word, in the ‘E-commerce in messenger’ you can chat with clients directly in real-time— people usually see messages and respond to them instantly. Therefore, communication between clients and you become clear, effective, and instant. Eventually, a better understanding between the two parties is achieved. And it encourages clients to buy products from your shop.

In the ‘E-commerce in messenger’ people get connected to the business and hence become regular— they come back to the retailers over and over again. That is, if clients enter your virtual shop via the ‘E-commerce in messenger’ platform, they will end up buying products from your shop one day. 

Overall, purchasing products via ‘E-commerce in messenger’ is convenient— it saves customers’ time and effort. While taking decisions about where to buy products from, they give importance not only to price but also to convenience. Thus, ‘E-commerce in messenger’ is being popular day by day. Instead of E-commerce sites, you might as well use ‘E-commerce in messenger’ platform to grow business and thus earn more money. 

Using ‘E-commerce in messenger’ manually: 

You can use ‘E-commerce in messenger’ platform manually. In this case, you have to chat with their clients— providing product images and information, manual payment instructions, and so on— which is a boring process. If you have many clients, dealing with many clients will be almost impossible. Of course, you can hire employees to chat with the clients, but it will exhaust the employees in a short while. So they can’t respond to the clients properly, which will discourage the clients in buying products from your shop. Not to mention, you have to give salaries to employees. In one word, you have to spend extra money but can’t gain the whole benefits of ‘E-commerce in messenger’.  

What is ChatPion’s ‘E-commerce in messenger Chatbot’: 

For your convenience, ChatPion— the world’s best marketing-related software— has recently introduced ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’ for the first time in the entire world. ChatPion’s ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’ has almost every feature an E-commerce site has. It can accomplish everything an ‘E-commerce site’ can. But most of all, the chatbot accomplishes the whole online selling processes inside the messenger. 

How to use ChatPion’s E-commerce in messenger chatbot and how it works: 

To use ChatPion’s ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’, first, you have to create a virtual store, then set the chatbot. Instantly, your ‘E-commerce in messenger’ chatbot will be uploaded inside your Messenger and start to sell your products. Please read the blog to know more about how to set ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’. Also, read the blog on how ChatPion’s ‘E-commerce in messenger’ works. You can check how ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’ works by clicking on the ‘Send message’ button on the Facebook page. You will be amazed to see how skilled the ‘‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’ is in selling products via Facebook Messenger.

Effectiveness of ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’: 

Unlike humans, the ChatPion’s E-commerce in chatbot can work 24/7 without being tired or exhausted. Moreover, one chatbot can deal with many clients at the same time. Since the ChatPion is multi-users, ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbot’ could be used by many people. That is, out of just one ChatPion, you can create many virtual stores and set many ‘E-commerce in messenger chatbots’ to conduct many online-based businesses. Moreover, since ChatPion is white-label and SaaS software, you can rebrand ChatPion and sell the service of E-commerce in messenger chatbot’s services(as well as other features’ services) to other retailers. If so, you have to buy the Extended license of ChatPion. The Extended license of ChatPion has integrated two online payment systems— Stripe and PayPal— so that you can get payments from your clients easily. 







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