Benefits of ChatPion’s special feature ‘Social Poster’

ChatPion’s ‘Social Poster’ makes your Social media popular and hence grows your business.

ChatPion— white-label, multi-users, SaaS software— is made of many striking features, ChatPion that is a world’s best marketing-related software brought to you by Xerone IT. One of the features is called ‘Social Poster’ that can post on different social media spontaneously and regularly.

The feature is divided into two parts, ‘Facebook Poster’ and ‘Comboposter’— ‘Facebook Poster’ posts on only Facebook pages whereas ‘Comboposter’ posts on different social media including Facebook page. If you only use Facebook page to do the marketing of your business, you might as well use the ‘Facebook poster’. On the other hand, if you use different social media to do the marketing of your business, you should use ‘Comboposter’.

How to use the ‘Social Poster’:

To run the ‘Social Poster’, first, you have to import your Facebook and other social media accounts. Then you have to enable bot connection for Facebook pages. Next, you have to create a campaign on the interface of ‘Social Poster’ feature. To create a campaign, you just have to give a campaign name then write a message that will go with the post on a box called ‘Message’–it supports spintext. For Image or Video post, you have to upload an image or video. For Link post, you have to provide the link. For Text post, the text on the message box will be posted. Then you have to select the Facebook pages or social media you want to post on. You will see a radio button called ‘Posting time’. If you select the ‘Post now’, the feature (Social Poster) will post instantly on social media. But if you unselect ‘post now’, will appear some boxes where you can make a schedule for the post. To schedule the post, you have to select a date and time from a drop-down calendar, the time zone, how many times you want to repost, and a time interval. Then Just click on the “Create campaign” button. And you are done. Now the ChatPion’s ‘Social poster’ feature will start its work without your supervision. To know more about how to use ‘Social Poster’, please read the blog.

The benefits of ‘Social Poster’:

If you use Facebook pages and other social media to do the marketing of your business, you have to post different types of posts— text posts, image posts, link posts, video posts, HTML posts regularly on your social media to keep your social media accounts vivid. Sometimes you need to give a post on a specific day. If you want to give the post manually, you have to remember the date. You may end up forgetting to post on the day.

If you have to make multiple posts— reposting the same post— each day for a long time, you have to hire an employee to make these posts day after day. Still, since your employee is human, the task will be complex and it will bore him/her to death. Therefore, sometimes he/she will fail to post properly. Just a wrong post or not posting on a target day, or making a post on an unspecified date and time can misguide the customers and hence make big harm to your business. Therefore, you had better hand over the responsibility of making posts on social media regularly to ChatPion’s ‘Social Poster’ that will make schedule posts accurately.

If you set the campaign on’Social Poster’, the feature will repost the posts automatically at intervals for as long as you want. If you think a specific post need not be posted anymore, you can delete the campaign easily. Of course, you can edit and clone the campaign anytime. Also, you can see the report on any campaign anytime.

Since, ChatPion’s special feature ‘Social Poster’ makes posts on different social media, you don’t have to worry about making posts regularly. Just create a campaign and it will work for as long as you want. ChatPion’s ‘Social Poster’ will take the entire responsibility of making posts on different social media. Therefore, you can give your full concentration on the other side of your business, totally forgetting about making posts on different social media. By using ‘Social Poster’, you can get rid of the great burden of posting on different social media regularly at intervals. If you use ‘Social Poster’, it will make as many posts as you want, the post that will reach many people, and they will eventually turn into your valued customers.

ChatPion’s ‘Social Poster’ can post on different social media regularly and appropriately at intervals for as long as you want. Thus, the feature makes the social media of your business popular. The more your social media become popular, the more clients your business will get. Therefore, your business will grow to the next level.



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