BotSailor's Recent Updates & fixes
BotSailor's Recent Updates & fixes: What's New and Trending

BotSailor’s Recent Updates & fixes: What’s New and Trending

Big news for businesses that use chatbots! BotSailor, one of the top platforms for AI powered Chatbots for WhatsApp, just got a major upgrade. This means even better features, easier ways to use them, and fewer bugs. With this update, you can build chatbots that work even smoother, talk to your customers more efficiently, and keep them happy!

In this article, I will be writing about all the major updates, improvements and bug fixes BotSailor has recently released. 


Facebook and Instagram Integration 

Manage your Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs all in one place with BotSailor. No more switching back and forth between different apps. Now you can enjoy all BotSailors features like broadcasting, subscriber manager, live chat and many more for your Facebook and Instagram customers also. 

Catalog Integration with WhatsApp Business

With our WhatsApp Catalog integration, you can show your products directly in the WhatsApp chat. This means your customers can browse your products and buy what they like without ever leaving WhatsApp. It’s a simple and easy way to boost sales and keep your customers in your sales funnel. 

WhatsApp Broadcasting Analytics Feature

With this feature, now you can get valuable insights into your WhatsApp broadcast campaigns, allowing you to measure performance and optimize future efforts. You can check the status of the broadcast, targeted people, message count, if it’s sent or not, delivered rate, opening rate and also if the message reached or not.

WhatsApp Broadcasting Analytics Feature
Broadcasting Analytics


WhatsApp Payment API

Our WhatsApp Payment API lets your customers pay you securely right within their chats. This simplifies the checkout process for them, saving them time and making transactions more secure. They can pay quickly and easily without ever leaving the WhatsApp conversation.

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WhatsApp Flows Form 

With WhatsApp Flows, you can create simple forms right within your chatbots. This means capturing valuable details from your customers is super easy, without needing them to switch to a third party app or website.

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Telegram Group Manager 

Our Telegram Group Manager helps you effortlessly manage your group, creating a thriving community for your brand. It makes it easy keeping things organized, so you can focus on connecting with your audience and building strong relationships.

Translate Feature in Live Chat 

This feature helps your team to provide exceptional customer support globally with real-time translation capabilities using BotSailor Live Chat. So they don’t have to use any third party translation tool. Just click translate and the message will be translated.

Webhook Workflow Detailed Report 

Gain deeper understanding of your webhook workflows with comprehensive reports. Webhook reports give you a clear picture of what’s happening. They show you slowdowns and areas for improvement, so you can make things run smoother. Plus, you’ll have all the info you need to make smart decisions based on real data. With webhook reports, you’re in control.

Webhook Workflow Detailed Report
Webhook Workflow Detailed Report

Custom CSS for BotSailor Dashboard: 

White label users can now personalize their BotSailor dashboard with custom CSS, tailoring the interface to their brand.

4x Faster Webhook Response

Experience 4x faster response times from your webhooks, ensuring smooth and efficient communication.

Ice Breaker & Command

Engage your audience with interactive icebreakers and introduce powerful commands for a more dynamic chatbot experience.

Location Button

Simplify customer interaction by allowing them to easily share their location within the chatbot.


Streamlined Workflow Improvements

Instant Webhook Workflow Campaigns: Webhook workflow campaigns now activate instantaneously, eliminating delays.

Live Chat with “Load More” Button: Easily access older conversations in Live Chat with the new “Load More” function.

Subscriber Phone Number in WhatsApp Flows Webhook: Retrieve subscriber phone numbers directly from WhatsApp Flows webhooks for effortless lead management.

Manually Add Country Code for Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery: Gain more control over your Shopify abandoned cart recovery automations by manually adding country codes.

Assigned Chats for Team Members: Improve team collaboration by assigning specific chats to team members, preventing duplicate interactions.


Bug Fixes

This update fixes several issues BotSailors customers were asking for, making the platform smoother than ever. Now you can:

User Input Flow: Pick dates and times in User Input Flows more easily.

Actions Button Webhook Resolved: Add labels to your Actions button webhook without any problems.

Live Chat Status Accuracy: See accurate Live Chat status, even when conversations are outside of a 24-hour window.

Reset Button Functionality Restored: Use the Reset button in Live Chat as expected.

Team Member Support Times Optimized: View team member support times correctly.

“No Match Reply” Template Improvements: The “No Match Reply” template now has working labels, sequence, and Webhook URL.

This update brings a lot of powerful features and improvements that will simplify workflows, enhance communication channels, and ultimately drive business growth.

Upgrade Today and Experience the Power of BotSailor!

For more information about this update and how BotSailor can benefit your business, visit our website or contact our sales team.  

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