How to create contactless QR menu for restaurant food order

ChatPion’s feature ‘Ecommerce store’ is a fantastic tool to make a digital contactless menu for your restaurant. The ‘Ecommerce store’ can generate two kinds of QR code– one kind is for Facebook messenger and the other kind is for browsers.

Just as a client scans the QR code, they enter the virtual restaurant which is a contactless digital menu. On the mobile screen, the digital menu looks like a mobile app whether it is opened inside messenger or on browsers.


From the digital menu, clients can easily choose their desired food items very easily, for different food items are organized properly. Of course, the client can select one or many attribute values of any food item. For attributes like size, only one attribute value– small, medium or large– will be selected– two attribute values will not be selected. For example, people can only select either small, medium, or large for a burger size. On the other hand, for attribute pizza toppings, the client can select one or more attribute values—extra cheese, extra spice and extra chilly. For example, people can select extra cheese, extra spice, and extra chilly at the same time. Moreover, for some attributes, people can skip selecting attribute values. Then the default attribute value will be selected automatically. For example, if a customer avoids selecting small, medium, or large for a burger size, then the small size will be selected automatically.

Anyway, after selecting attribute value, the clients have to add the food items to the cart. And if a customer abandoned the cart after adding food items and doesn’t return at least in one hour, ChatPion’s ‘Ecommerce store’ will send abandoned cart recovery reminders to the client with a checkout page embedded in the reminder. The feature can send three abandoned cart recovery reminders one after another if the client didn’t come back in the meanwhile. The feature can send Abandoned cart recovery reminders not only via Facebook messenger but also via SMS and Email. Coupon code could be sent along with the abandoned cart recovery reminders so that clients can get discounts on products that have been added to the cart. Well, if the customers come back and finish checkout, the abandoned cart recovery reminder will not be sent and instead, a confirmation message will be sent with order history.


By the way, after adding the product to the cart, the client will give orders for the food. If the client is sitting at a table in the restaurant and wants delivery in the restaurant, they have to select the ‘In restaurant’ option. Then they have to provide a delivery point, meaning the table number they are sitting at. On the other hand, if he is outside of the restaurant, they have to provide the delivery address. Of course, they can write a delivery note, the way they want the delivery.

After that, they have to give payments. ChatPion ‘Ecommerce store’ has integrated some online payment methods including PayPal and Stripe so that clients can make payments and the restaurant owner can get payments easily. The feature also supports manual payment methods. Not to mention, the client can choose ‘cash on delivery’, if they want to hand the cash directly.

Just as the client finishes making payment, the checkout will be finished. Instantly, the client will get a confirmation message that they have successfully finished the checkout with the order histories embedded in the message.


In one word, using a contactless digital menu, a client can easily choose foods, give orders, and make payments without coming into direct contact with a waiter and the manager. Besides, they can receive food at the table where they are sitting in a restaurant or at their home or office.

In the COVID-19 outbreak, people want to avoid direct contact with others to save themselves from coronavirus. So if you use a contactless digital menu for your restaurant, people will become encouraged to your restaurant. They will visit your restaurant and give orders from home often. Ultimately, you will get more and more orders both from inside and outside of your restaurant and your restaurant business will grow to the next level.


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