The benefits of contactless digital menu for your restaurant 

Contactless digital menu for a restaurant is being popular day by day because of its enormous benefits. Using the digital menu, clients can choose foods, give orders for foods and make payments. On the other hand, the restaurant owner can add, delete any food items, change the price of any food items and give discounts on any food items, without going to the hassle of printing a paper menu over and over again.

The QR code menu for restaurants has different types of benefits. Now let’s talk about some of them.

Saves money:

Digital menu in your restaurant can save money. Using a digital menu, you can add new food items, delete some old ones, change the price of some food items whenever you want. You needn’t carry the printing cost of a paper menu. Moreover, you don’t need an extra waiter to take orders from the customers and extra people to receive payments since the clients can themselves give orders and make payments without talking or coming into direct contact to waiters or managers.

Saves time and easily editable:

You can provide any kind of update on your food items in the digital menu instantly. Everyday, you can provide different menus for different meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can do these things without printing paper menus over and over again.

Looks better and easily accessible:

On the digital menu, you can add different stunning images of your different food items, the images that will attract the customers to the food items. Besides, the sliding  images of different food items and automation of different things on the digital menu make it look more attractive. Ultimately, the Digital menu turns out to be more eye-catching and accessible than the paper menu.

Reduce wait time:

The moment a client sits at a table in a restaurant, they can give orders using the digital menu. They needn’t call  the waiters and wait for them to come to take orders. Using the digital menu that is on their mobile screen, they themselves can give orders.

Maintain health care regulations:

Maintaining health care regulations in a restaurant is very important, for many people gather and have food together in a restaurant. Contagious germs could be spread very easily in a restaurant if health care regulation is not being maintained properly. In your restaurant, you should provide an environment where people feel safe from contagious viruses like coronavirus. Otherwise, people will not visit your restaurant. If you provide a digital menu in your restaurant, health care regulations can be maintained easily. Thus, you could ensure a safe environment.

Abandoned cart recovery reminder:

Digital menu can send abandoned cart recovery reminders to the clients who have added some food items to the cart then leave the digital menu, not finishing the checkout. And getting the abandoned cart recovery reminder, the potential customers would return to finish the checkout. In this way, you can recover lost sales. Of course, the digital menu can send coupon code via the abandoned cart recovery reminder so that customers get encouraged to buy the food items that have been added to the cart.

Delivery note:

As for the contactless digital menu, a client can send delivery notes on how they (the client) want the delivery. For example, if a client wants the delivery person to wear a mask, they can explicitly mention it in the delivery note.

Print orders:

When a client gives orders for food and makes payments using the QR code digital menu, your manager can easily print the orders with just a one click and give the printed copy to the chef so that the cook can prepare the foods according to the order.

Give orders from anywhere:

Using the QR code digital menu, a client can give orders for food from the inside of the restaurant and outside of the restaurant. Of course, they can receive the orders sitting at the table of the restaurant or at the home.  


Anyway, ChatPion, the world’s best marketing software, has recently come up with a feature called e-commerce store that can generate contactless digital menu for your restaurant. The digital menu provided by ChatPion has every feature you can expect from a digital menu. 

Here are the two QR codes- one for messenger and other for browser. Please scan the QR codes to see how the digital menu works. 

You can also read the official documentation to see how to make setting for the contactless digital menu for your restaurant.

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