Pick up your business while people are at home because of the COVID-19 outbreak

To prevent the COVID-19 pandemic, the people of the whole world are at home now- no one can go outside. Therefore, almost all people will buy things online. When people purchase things from stores or shops, the can examine the products easily and ask questions about the products. But when people buy products online they can’t do so. Instead, they can only see the pictures of the products and read the descriptions. They don’t have salespersons before them to ask questions about the products, either.Therefore, while buying products online, clients will ask more questions about products via Facebook comments and messages. And you have to reply to all the questions from clients. It is a massive and difficult task, almost impossible task, for any person. But a marketing-related software itself can spontaneously reply to all the queries from customers about your products.

<span”>Here comes the question of which marketing-related software you will use. Of course, you should use ChatPion, the best software in this field. The software is made of the tools you must need to flourish your online business.
Recently, ChatPion has become the first best-seller software in PHP category and second best-seller in all products released in the last twelve months as well as reached its 930 sales in CodeCanyon.

In this article, I will discuss only three features of ChatPion, the best multi-channel marketing application.

Messenger Bot:

ChatPion’s messenger bot will automatically answer your clients’ questions about your products and services via Facebook Messenger. You just have to set the answers based on keywords that could be present on the questions. And your job is done. The messenger bot itself will accomplish the rest of the things for you. Otherwise, you would have to manually answer to all your clients’ queries, a lousy job for a human being.

Comment Bot:

ChatPion’s comment bot will automatically reply to your clients’ comments under any post of your page. When the clients get proper replies to their questions about a product, they know more about the product and get encouraged to buy it.

Auto comment tool:

This feature will comment on your Facebook posts on schedule. Because of recent comments, Facebook will boost your older posts and as a result, the posts will appear on people’s news feed again. Therefore, the people that missed the posts can see the posts now. In addition to the posts, people can see the various comments and replies under it. Thus, now they will get the answers to the questions already raised on their minds. So, they don’t have to ask the questions.

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