Why you should use extended licenses of ChatPion?

ChatPion is a self-hosted white label multi-user SaaS software. That is, ChatPion could be installed in your own server and used by many people at the same time and re-branded by the buyer. This stand-alone marketing-related software has all marketing solutions inside it



With an Extended License, you can re-brand the software as your own brand name. And you can sell the software services to your end-users at a cost. In short, with the extended license of ChatPion, you can start a software service business from scratch.

If you want to have marketing software developed by some software engineers, you have to spend at least $ 30000. Then, your software wouldn’t be full-featured like ChatPion, though. ChatPion has gone through many trials and errors to come to this present position. Moreover, it has added many unique and striking feature step by step, the features that couldn’t be made at one sitting. In a word, it becomes the world’s best marketing-related software eventually. So if you have a marketing-related software developed, you will get only minimal solutions, not maximal solutions like ChatPion. Perhaps, you will not get support from the software engineers without a cost, either. And software development will take some time.

On the other hand, if you buy ChatPion Extended license with $499 only, you will get a ready-made software with which you can start your software service business instantly. Namely, no need to sell your products using the software; instead, you can sell the software services to the online business owners who sell products. If you can manage enough costumers for the software services, in the very first month, you can earn more than the whole price of the extended license of ChatPion. Day by day, your software service business will grow, and you will earn more and more money, but you don’t have to pay for the software further.

Once you buy the extended license of the software, you can earn as much money as you can by taking payment from your end-users. Still, you don’t have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for the software.

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