How to get the highest benefits of RSS feed on GMB using XeroBizz’s RSS auto post

XeroBizz’s RSS feed auto post ensures the maximum usage of RSS feed on GMB profile.

What is RSS feed?

RSS is one kind of web feed, with which users can receive regular updates from their favorite websites or blogs. RSS serves as Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. Sometimes, RSS is also called as the RSS feed. RSS feed is a normal XML file containing some basic up-to-date information.

At the beginning of the internet era, people bookmarked their favorite websites and visited it regularly to see their new content. But RSS feed comes with a solution to the problem. With the solution, users can easily see new content of their favorite websites without regularly visiting the websites.

How Does RSS feed Work?

RSS feed publishes the latest content of websites. The web feed usually contains the heading and the summary of the article and metadata such as published date and time, author of the article, and the category in which the article has been posted.

Benefits of RSS feed:

With RSS feed, you can implant your website material on other websites. You can send them the link to your RSS feed so that they can implant it on their website. The great strength of RSS feed is whenever you make a new post on your website, it automatically will be updated on other websites.

If a website owner uses RSS Feed, people don’t have to visit the website to check if there is any new content on updated information on the website. Instead, the updated information reaches them regularly. Though the RSS feed is highly well-received in blog sites, it can be used for other kinds of websites including E-commerce sites. If you use RSS feed, your visitor will stay linked with your updated information day-to-day.

RSS feed directly goes to RSS readers. Unlike Email subscriptions, RSS feeds won’t get stuck in the email spam filter. Also, they have no limits in file size.

Though RSS feed is not as influential as before, it still has great importance in the web world for generating web feeds. And they can bring visitors to your website, the visitors that will ultimately become the customers of your business one day. Therefore, the web feed is still considered as the most significant element to reach and attract customers. Instead of static things, people generally believe in the things that are being updated regularly. Therefore, people will have trust in your business, if you provide updated information to them. And RSS feed is still a powerful way to do so. Therefore, a lot of giant companies throughout the world use RSS feeds up to now.

Benefits of RSS feed on your GMB profile:

If you post your website’s RSS feeds on your Google My Business profile, your clients can see the updates of your website regularly without visiting it manually. Besides your clients, other people who will reach your Google My Business profile in different ways can see the content of your website and thus, know about your business. RSS feeds on your Google My Business profile create back-links on Google and in turn, increase your website’s Google ranking.

What is XeroBizz’s RSS auto post?

Recently, XeroBizz has added a new feature called RSS auto post to post your RSS feed on your Google My Business automatically and regularly. If you want your website’s RSS Feed to be posted on your Google My Business profile without your supervision, your best choice should be RSS auto post. With the striking features from XeroBizz, you can get the highest benefits of RSS Feed on your Google My Business profile. Regular RSS feeds on your Google My Business profile will keep your customers updated about your business.

Benefits of XeroBizz’s Rss auto post:

XeroBizz’s RSS auto post feature will automatically send your website’s RSS feed to your GMB profile like XeroBizz’s other feature called ‘Media manager’ that can automatically upload images and videos to your GMB profile. When you will use XeroBizz’s RSS auto post feature, you don’t have to provide RSS feed manually. It is a very hard and boring job – every time you write a post on your website, you have to upload the RSS feed of the post on your GMB profile. So in a very short time, you will find yourself not posting the RSS feed on your GMB profile. As a result, people will not get updated information about your business on your GMB profile and in turn, will be discouraged about your business.

On the other hand, if you use XeroBizz’s RSS auto post feature, your website’s RSS feed will automatically be posted on your GMB profile. As soon as you write a post on your website, the RSS auto post feature will take care of the content to be posted on your GMB profile automatically. Besides, the RSS feed on your GMB profile works as a back-links on Google. The more RSS feeds on your GMB profile, the more back-links on Google. And the more back-links on Google, the more traffic on your websites. The more traffic on your website, the more customers on your business.

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