Draw more customers to your business with Facebook comment marketing

Comment Reply Enhancers, an effective add-on of ChatPion, will hide and delete your customers’ comments after reply to protect them from being stolen by your rivals. Also, it will generate multi-media comments and replies so that your customers are not bored. One setting defined, it will like and share posts of the entire Facebook page. Moreover, it will reply to numerous comments with the customer’s name mentioned in the replies.

Hide and delete comment:

Do you know how much of your customers are being stolen by your competitors? They always keep eyes on your page to see who comments on your page. And they send private messages to your clients and finally take them away from you. Do you have any solution to the problem?
ChatPion’s unique Add-on ‘Comment reply Enhancers’ come with a complete way out to this specific issue. This Add-on can hide or delete comments after replying. Therefore, your rivals can’t see your customers’ comments, and can’t snatch your customers anymore. Besides, based on keywords, this add-on called ‘Comment Reply Enhancers’ can delete or hide abusive comments. Thus, this add-on keeps your Facebook page’s image clean.

Multi-media Comment:

This add-on can also make multi-media replies to your customers’ comments. That is, it can reply with text, image, gif, audio, video, and animation. Multi-media comment reply increases the diversity of information and in turn, arouses positive emotion in the clients. Because multi-media reply is more attractive than a text-only reply, it increases the attraction of the people to the page.

Facebook page campaign:

You just have to provide one setting, and this ChatPion’s add-on will like and share the posts of Facebook page spontaneously. In other words, you needn’t provide different settings for different posts- one setting will work for all the posts of the entire page.

In addition to replying to comments, it will send the same content as a message to your clients. Thus, the interaction between clients and the page would be strong because people feel closer in direct address.

Tag campaign:

Because of the tag campaign, every commentator will get a notification as they get a reply with their name mentioned. And the specific post will start to appear on the news feed of the commentator’s friends. Also, it will appear on other people’s news feed.

By the way, suppose you have 1000 comments on a single post and you want to reply to all comments with the commentators’ names mentioned. Of course, It is a mundane and tedious task. Just after starting the task, you will get bored to tears. But if you make a simple campaign, ChatPion add-on called ‘Comment reply Enhancers’ will do the work automatically without your further help and supervision.

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