Benefits of Visual Flow Builder Insight, an add-on of ChatPion

Recently, a ChatPion add-on called Visual Flow Builder Insight has been released. It is a very competent and useful add-on of ChatPion.

You may want to know how your bot is performing. Also, you want to be sure which parts of your bot are showing better performance. This knowledge will help you to build a more functional and useful bot. With the Visual Flow Builder Insight, you can know the performance of your bot or parts of your bot. 

Now let’s see how the add-on Flow Builder Insight work:

The Add-on will show the statistics of your bot.

On each competent, the add-on will show you how many times the message has been sent and delivered and how many subscribers the bot has. Also, it will show you is there any error in the competent.

As for the button components, the add-on will show you the number of clicks, the number of subscribers. If there is an error, the add-on will show you the number of errors.

Well, from the Statistics, you can precisely know how your bots and your customers are interacting with each other. Knowing their interaction, you can improve your bot to the next level.

If you want to know the insight of your bot, buy the add-on called Visual Flow Builder Insight and install it.

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