The huge advantage of Chatbot

Nowadays, the chatbot has become an essential tool in the corporate world because it has a lot of benefits for business. There are, of course, many reasons you should use a chatbot for your business. Well, building and running chatbots require some investment. But, if you use a chatbot, your business will grow to the next level. Now let’s talk about the advantages of chatbots for your business and your customers.

The chatbot gives your business a face:

The chatbot primarily helps you to introduce a business to your customers by giving the business a face. A lot of customers get the first touch and get acquainted with a business through the chatbot of the business. 

A chatbot can make real-time and personal conversations: 

If you use a chatbot, you don’t have to tell your customers to fill out a contact form. Instead, you can communicate with your customers on equal terms. A chatbot can make real-time and direct conversations with users. Therefore, conversation via chatbot can be more personal than conversation via email or phone.

A chatbot can respond immediately:

Unlike a conventional customer service team, the chatbot can respond without delay because it is always available. Therefore, it can support your customers on weekends and deep at night. Moreover, it is not overwhelmed by the huge number of requests from customers. It can deal with thousands of customers at the same time without being tired or overworked.

Answering all the standard questions, the chatbot can save the customer service team a lot of work. And if the chatbot can’t answer a question, the user can easily be forwarded to a human employee.  

 A chatbot can increase your sales:

If you can provide the right information and offers to your potential customers at the right time, your overall sale will increase. And chatbot will help you accomplish this task. Besides, chatbots can guide your customers through your online shop. Also, it can suggest the user in selecting products or pointing out a suitable and reasonable offer. Thus, the chatbot can increase your sales.

Gaining insights into customer behavior:

With the chatbot, you can obtain significant insights for your future business strategy from the questions the customer asks and from the products they ask for.

For example, based on the questions from the customers, you can very easily work out your business strategy. Moreover, you can study what encourages your customers to buy products from you. Also, you can analyze what kind of problems your customer encounters. And based on your study and analysis, you can create the contents that provide the right answer and store the products your customers want. 

The insights you gather from the customers via chatbot can be used to make your product portfolio. For example, you can identify popular products and place them in your store. That is, if a customer asks for a product you don’t have, you can immediately add the product to your store. 

The interaction of a chatbot with customers has a huge influence on the user experience. The chatbot can easily represent the brand identity of your business in a creative way. In this case, you have to build a chatbot in a way that represents your business.

Now the question is how to build and run a chatbot.

I suggest you use ChatPion, a chatbot builder, and multichannel marketing software. To build a chatbot, ChatPion has  Flow Builder, a visual drag and drop chatbot editor. The Flow Builder is an add-on to ChatPion. That is, if you want to use Flow Builder, you have to add it to the ChatPion first. And on the Flow Builder, you can easily build a chatbot by dragging and dropping. Read the article on how to build a chatbot on Flow Builder. 

Recently, ChatPion introduced an element called condition. And with the condition element, you can easily make a condition-based intelligent bot. And the intelligent bot doesn’t send the same message to all users. Instead, it sends the right message to the right people. That is, it doesn’t bother people by sending unnecessary and unwanted messages. You can read the article to know how to create a condition-based intelligent bot. 

If you don’t already use a chatbot for your business, I hope you will use one after reading the article. 

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