In comparison to other chatbot builder service providers, ChatPion is much cheaper.

ChatPion is a multichannel marketing software– mainly for messenger marketing. It is a multi-users, self-hosted white-label SaaS application. 

ChatPion comprises Chatbot builder, Ecommerce platform, Social management tools—  Social posting and comment automation, Email and SMS marketing service. 

With the ChatPion chatbot builder, you can make an interactive chatbot. Well to make your bot-building easy and straightforward, Xerochat has a Flow Builder, a ChatPion add-on. With the flow builder, you can make your bot in a moment by dragging and dropping different elements and connecting them with each other. On the flow builder, you can build a chatbot without moving from one place to another, and you can see all the messages in one place, so you can envision the sense of the messages. Therefore, you can make a highly interactive bot that can converse with customers. That is, the messenger bot builds on flow builder can turn people into your customers and keep the customers by making them happy.  

Other than that, ChatPion has a social posting tool to publish multimedia posts– text, image, video, and so on. It can publish posts on different popular social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. It can also schedule posts and publish the same post over and over again. 

Besides Social Posting, the multichannel marketing solution has two comment automation tools—  one for Facebook and the other for Instagram. Well, both comment automation tools can automatically make comments and reply to comments under posts. They can also hide offensive comments based on some keywords.  

In fact, ChatPion has an Email and SMS marketing service. That is, the application can send bulk Emails and SMS to customers. 

ChatPion also has add-ons that can increase the functionality of ChatPion and makes the application completely self-sufficient. The first-rate add-on is called Flow builder, the visual drag & drop Facebook Messenger Chat builder. With the add-on, you can build a bot easily. That is, it can make your bot building process super easy and straightforward. While making a bot on the flow builder, you can see all your message at a glance. Therefore, you can envision the sense of all the messages. Therefore, the bot you make on the flow builder becomes more interactive. 

Anyway, the ChatPion is also user-friendly. To use ChatPion, you have to create campaigns. To create campaigns, ChatPion’s every feature has a special interface. The interface is developed in a way that you can easily create a campaign on the interface staying in the same place. After the campaigns have been created, the campaigns are listed on a page. And from the list, you can see the report of the campaigns, edit, delete any campaign. 

Now let’s talk about the difference between ChatPion and other messenger bot building service providers. 

ChatPion is a self-hosted multi-user white label application. You can purchase the application at a one-time price. That is, you buy it once and use it for a lifetime– without paying any further. After you have purchased the application, you don’t have to worry about paying for it. You can create multiple users of the application. You can have full control over the software since you install it on your own server. And since it is a white-label, you can change the name of ChatPion, the log, and the favicon. You can also sell the service of software to your end-users and take payments from them. That is, with ChatPion, you can start your own software service business as your own brand name. Well, starting a software service business with ChatPion is only limited to the Extended license only. 

ChatPion has a Regular license and Extended lice. You can read the article to know more about the difference between a Regular License and an Extended license. 

Contrarily, on the normal service provider, you need to open your account, pay a fee every month. And depending on your plan and price varies the limitation of using the service. 

Now let’s dive into the apparent benefit of using PHP script like ChatPion over the other service provider. 

Costing, freedom, and control:

Between ChatPion as a whole software and other service providers is a vast difference. As for the normal service provider, you have to expend a lot of money because the normal service provider increases the fee per month as your subscribers grow.  

On contrary, as for the ChatPion, you can buy the complete software at a one-time price. That is, after you have bought the ChatPion, you don’t have to pay for the software anymore. Well, you just have to install the software on your own server and configure it. In one word, unlike other service providers, you don’t have to pay further no matter how bigger your business is or how many customers and subscribers you have. 

Installation and configuration of ChatPion:

Installing and configuring ChatPion is easy and straightforward, though they seem a bit complicated to non-technical people. 

Later in this article, I will discuss how to install and configure ChatPion easily.  

Now let’s calculate how much money you have to spend per month and year based on the number of subscribers you have if you use a normal chatbot building service provider. 

As for the 10k subscribers, you have to pay around $65 per month and $780 per year. 

As for the 50k subscribers, you have to pay around $235 per month and $2820 per year. 

As for the 50k subscribers, you have to pay around $435 per month and $5220 per year. 

Because a lot of people use Facebook and Messenger worldwide, recently, 10k subscriber is very usual. And because being a subscriber in messenger is much easier than being subscribers in Email, so you will have many subscribers. And since the fee to pay for a normal service provider depends on the subscribes, the cost will increase as your business grow. 

Therefore, instead of using a normal service provider, you might as well use ChatPion at a low cost. 

In one word, ChatPion is a great solution for messenger marketing that you can purchase at a one-time price and use for a lifetime. And there is no limit to using ChatPion and the cost doesn’t depend on the number of subscribers. 

And another special advantage of ChatPion is you can sell the service of the ChatPion to your end-users and receives payments from them. That is, with ChatPion, you start a software service business. This special advantage is constricted to Extended License only. 

Costing of ChatPion:

To use the Regular License of ChatPion, you need web hosting and a domain. In fact, you can use your current domain and host. ChatPion can be installed on most shared hosting & domain, subdomain, or sub-folder. If you already have a domain and hosting, you don’t have to need additional cost. 

You can easily install ChatPion. It application comes with documentation and a video tutorial on how to install the ChatPion. You just have to follow the commands in the tutorial to install ChatPion. 

If you are, however, not in the mood to install ChatPion, you can employ someone from the ChatPion community on Facebook to install ChatPion for only $5-$6. 

After installing ChatPion, you need Facebook App approval that is not complicated at all. Also, on how to get Facebook app approval ChatPion has documentation and video tutorial. Besides, in this case, you can have done your job only for $20-$50. 

ChatPion Flow Builder:

ChatPion has a classic bot builder all right to start with. Besides, ChatPion also has Flow Builder, a ChatPion add-on, the visual drag and drop flow builder. The Flow builder makes the bot building process quite simple and super easy. The price of the flow builder is only $99. 

As for the ChatPion Regular License, you may require altogether $230 to set up your own Messenger marketing software with a visual flow builder. And you will get unlimited usage. True, ChatPion run sale, giving a good amount of discount. Now and then, it gives 50% and more discount. Therefore, if you buy ChatPion at a discount, you can get the Chatpion at a much more reduced price. To get newsletters about the various events including sales sign-up on our site. 

I have already mentioned above that with the Extended License of ChatPion, you can establish your own chatbot building service business. Naturally, the cost for ChatPion Extended license of ChatPion is higher than Regular License. Please, read the article to know more about the difference between  Regular License and Extended License.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask. We are always ready to help you. 

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