ChatPion 5.0 has come up with some brand-new features and significant improvements

You may already know that ChatPion is the world’s best marketing software. It has multi-user and SaaS abilities. Many people can have accounts on one ChatPion and can use the software respectively. And if you buy an extended license of ChatPion, you can provide the ChatPion’s service and take payment from your end-users— you can take payment via the online payment methods integrated into the ChatPion. 

ChatPion was first developed with some basic features. Later, unique and striking features added to ChatPion one by one and eventually reached its present position. Still, developers of ChatPion are working on the software to make it more powerful, functional, and easy-to-use. 

Recently, ChatPion 5.0, the latest version, has been released. The updated version has presented some brand new and unique features. Now let’s talk about the features. 

Drag and drop email builder for Email marketing:

Drag and Drop Email Template builder is the completely new feature of the ChatPion 5.0. Using the feature, you can create nice email templates in a short while with minimal effort by dragging and dropping different elements. 

Abandoned cart recovery reminder:

ChatPion has a complete E-commerce in messenger solution. The feature can sell products to clients spontaneously. Sometimes people look over products, select some products and add them to cart to buy them. But sometimes they leave the virtual shop due to various reasons. And most of the time, they forget to return. Now retailers need to send them an abandoned cart recovery reminders to bring them back. 

In ChatPion 5.0, ‘E-commerce in messenger’ can send abandoned cart recovery reminders to clients who have added products to cart then left the virtual shop without buying the products. Getting abandoned cart recovery reminders, potential customers remember the products they have added. Then they enter the check-out page and finish the purchasing. Thus, abandoned cart recovery reminders bring back potential customers. 

E-Commerce Store Order Status Changing Message Template Set:

ChatPion V 5.0 can send Facebook Message, email, or SMS from the pre-designed template when clients are changing order status in E-commerce in messenger.

Instagram auto comment reply:

Instagram auto comment reply is another important feature that has come with the ChatPion V 5.0. If ‘Comment reply enhancers’, an add-on of ChatPion, is added to ChatPion, the feature can delete/hide abusive comments after replying to them. Also, it can delete/hide normal comments. Deleting and hiding normal comments is necessary because your rivals can spot your clients by the comments and send them messages to take them away from you. 

The feature can comment on any posts and reply to comments on the whole Instagram account. Also, it can make a post disable for comments. Then it can make the post enable again for comments. It can show all the comments under a specific post on a single window with a single click. Moreover, from the interface of the feature, you can see the analytics of a specific post. 

Bulk Post Planner:

ChatPion’s feature ‘Social poster’ can make posts on different social media including Facebook. But first, you have to create campaigns on the interface of the feature so that ‘Social poster’ can post on social media. Before, you had to make one campaign at a time. This task was time-consuming and boring. ChatPion V 5.0 has presented a solution to the problem. With the bulk post planner, you can create thousands of campaign by uploading a single CSV file that contains the campaigns’ information. Because of the ‘Bulk post planner’, creating campaigns for ‘social poster’ become very easy. 

Three more Payment Gateway:

ChatPion V 5.0 has integrated three more payment gateways— RazorPay, Paystack, and Mollie. That is, now you can use five online and offline payment methods to take payment from your clients.

Re-organize bot replies by dragging and dropping:

In ChatPion V 5.0, you can re-organize the sections of bot settings easily by dragging and dropping. That is, you can re-arrange bot replies, postback buttons, quick-reply buttons, and carousel templates. This flexibility makes the bot setting more user-friendly than ever before. 


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