With ‘Bulk Post Planner’ create thousands of campaigns to post on different Social media including Facebook. 

Create a lot of campaigns to post on Social media by uploading a single CSV file.

Social Poster’ is an outstanding feature of ChatPion, the world’s best marketing software. The feature can post spontaneously on different social media, including Facebook. ‘Social Poster’ is divided into two parts — Facebook Poster and Comboposter. With Facebook Poster, the feature can post only on Facebook. And with Comboposter, it can post on different social media — Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Blogger and WordPress. Social Poster can post text, image, video, link, cta post, carousel post, html post and RSS feed. Furthermore, it can do Facebook livestreaming with pre-recorded video at a scheduled time. In this regard, ‘Social Poster’ can send notification prior to the scheduled time. True, ChatPion’s ‘Social Poster’ can reply to the comments from viewers during Facebook livestreaming. Well, I will talk details about Facebook livestreaming option of ‘Social Poster’ in another blog.  

To run ‘Social Poster’, first you have to create campaigns. Then the social poster will post on Facebook pages and different social media regularly at schedule times. But you have to create campaigns one by one — one campaign at a time. Also, you have to schedule a time for each campaign separately. It’s okay if you have to create a few campaigns. But what if you have to create many campaigns? It will take a long time. Also, it will bore you to death, for it is a repetitive task. 

For your convenience, ChatPion’s ‘Social Poster’ has recently introduced a new option called ‘Bulk Post Planner’. With the option, you can create numerous campaigns together at once to make posts on different social media— Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Subreddit. It supports on Text, Image and Link posts.

To create campaigns via ‘Bulk Post Planner’, you just have to upload a single CSV file that contains the campaigns’ information— campaign name, campaign type,  content for text posts and content, and source for image and link posts. ‘Bulk Post Planner’ will provide you with a sample CSV file with campaign information. By looking at the sample CSV file, you will learn how to provide campaign information into a CSV file. You can easily upload the CSV file into the system. 

By the way, after you have uploaded the CSV file, you will get two options— Manual and Automatic. For the manual option, you have to set up the date and time for each campaign one by one. So, it is a tedious and time-consuming task. But for the automatic option, you just have to create a general date and time setting for all the campaigns created by uploading the CSV file. You can also select one or more days on which the campaigns will not make any post. Then you have to select your social media you want to post on.  After you have created campaigns via ‘Bulk Post Planner’, ChatPion’s ‘Social poster’ will start to post on your social media regularly at scheduled times until you delete the campaigns. 

The ‘Bulk Post Planner’ makes the task of creating thousands of campaigns very easy and simple.  That is, using ‘Bulk Post Planner’, you can create a lot of campaigns with just a few clicks.

If you want to learn more about how to create a lot of campaigns using ‘Bulk Post Planner’, read the blogwatch the video tutorial embedded in the blog, and follow the commands. 

ChatPion’s Social poster saves you from making different types of posts regularly on different social media including Facebook Page. And ‘Bulk Post Planner’ saves you from creating numerous campaigns one by one. Simply put, with Bulk Post Planner, you can create thousands of campaigns at a single time, the campaigns that will make different kinds of posts regularly on different social media. 

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